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Lucky us we have been featured on some lovely blogs in the past few weeks so thought we would share them with you..

Wedding Sparrow

We were featured on the delightful blog Wedding Sparrow, here is what we said about how I chose my own wedding flowers. Thanks so much to the lovely wedding sparrow! Wishing her all the love and luck in the world planning her own wedding..So exciting!

“After 15 years of friendship, nearly 5 years of courtship and a stunning proposal under a tree in Kew gardens, we got married.

So how does a florist choose her own bridal flowers?! For me it was the hardest part of my wedding planning! We got married at the beautiful Old Deanery in Ripon on the 23rd October 2010.

I started my planning with a bunch of my trusted wedding magazines. I am not the kind of girl who goes to bed with a good book, more with the latest copy of Wedding, Brides, You & Your Wedding and of course Wedding Flowers. I scrutinise every page, petal and design. Sad I know, but I am not sure how I will justify doing that now we are married! I have a small library of them now…

I ripped out pages of flower designs, colour and details, and created a scrap book of the colours of the wedding, we had chosen different dresses for my four fabulous individual bridesmaids, all metallics, gold, pink and platinum. I wanted to the flowers to be slightly different for each one but to carry the theme (I like making things complicated, either that or it means I don’t have to decide on one style!).

We were to be married in late October so I wanted to use seasonal colours and flowers, a warm, rich colour palette and the feel to be romantic, opulent and wintery. It was at this point my husband to be, who had shown no previous interest in flowers, which were “my department”, declared he would like a white phaelonopsis orchid for his buttonhole. Straight out of left field, nothing to do with my vintage, warm romantic look whatsoever….don’t you just love it when they do that! We settled on a lovely vintage Amnesia rose for him with berry and ranunculus detailing! It complemented his navy Paul Smith suit and burgundy tie perfectly.

For the bouquets we eventually decided on the following roses; Amnesia, Black Baccara, Sweet Avalanche, Gran Prix, Ruby Red and Amalia.

The deep burgundy Black Baccara is the closest you get to a black rose, it looks like pure velvet. Amnesia, Sweet Avalanche and Old Dutch are very much the vintage pinks of the moment, they conjure up scenes from days gone by with their faded, timeless look.

Ruby Red and Gran Prix provided the deep vibrant red that would give a cold October day its warmth.

Roses to me symbolize love and romance and opulence with such a sweet scent to make the most nervous of brides calm.

We also chose to use spray roses, pink cymbidium orchids, viburnum berries and my favourite ranununculus. Ranunculus are great flowers to give you that blousy look when peonies are not available, some have over fifty delicate petals and in a wrap of fifty, no two are the same.

Hydrangea was also used, again providing the feel of faded glamour and the delicate autumn palette.

The foliage was fresh green ivy and with some rosemary for remembrance. I had some ivy trails to give a soft feel and it worked with my style of dress as it had quite a train.

My bouquet was finished with metallic fabric (left over from the homemade silk bunting – bless my Mum and loyal friend Diane who had scarred hands for weeks after cutting out all the triangles with me!) and a vintage bow-shaped brooch that I picked up in a little shop in Harrogate. Like a magpie, I am attracted to anything old and remotely sparkly. It was something old, from another time and another place and another happy wearer.

The girl’s bouquets were finished with silk fabric to co-ordinate with the bouquets and finished with a diamante buckle, which we picked up from Confetti. The colours worked really well on all the bouquets as they really made a statement rather than just blending in to the dresses.

I was so nervous about creating my own flowers that I had always joked that my bridesmaid Gemma, who is also my best friend and right hand florist, would create my bouquet. In the end I created it. I actually took great pleasure putting it together. The first one of hundreds that I had made that I would not have to package away for someone else. I knew that I would be holding on to it tightly walking down the aisle towards my man. It was great to have it to hold, as well as my mum’s hand as we walked down the aisle. There is something special about carrying flowers, it is not something we do really for any other occasion. It was amazing to feel like it was all happening and creating my bouquet was the start of over a year of planning coming together.”

So You’re Getting Married

We were also featured on the blog for the up and coming wedding planner Pheobe Miller from Miller Weddings on her blog So You’re Getting Married . We were asked lots of lovely questions, here is what she wrote.. http://www.soyouregettingmarried.com/2011/01/17/supplier-spotlight-leafy-couture/

Knots and Kisses

We have also provided some images for the fantastic wedding stationer for her brilliant blog, showing lots of themes for wedding style. Knots and Kisses

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