Flower spotlight – Physalis

Physalis is the bloom that hails the arrival of Autumn at Leafy HQ. This striking flower, also known as the Chinese lantern, hails from the subtropics. The part that we usually use is actually a waxy, fruit bearing husk that is left over after the flower has bloomed. It is mostly seen in a striking orange colour, but can also be found in greens and peaches depending on the variety, time of year and maturity of the stem. Physalis can be used in many different ways in the world of floral design. We love to incorporate it into our Autumn corporate displays as it has a long vase life, maintaining its composure well after 7 days. It can also be used wired into bouquets and bridal work giving a much needed pop of colour as the grey of winter takes hold.

We are featuring the Physalis throughout October in our window displays – do stop by and see for yourself how striking this versatile bloom can be!

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