Instagram and flat lay day for creative businesses!



Instagram is the one of the most powerful sources of self promotion on the WWW. It gives independent businesses and multinational conglomerates an equal playing field when it comes to promoting businesses and products. A hashtag can reach tens of thousands of people in a second and can connect new followers with potential new business across the globe in an instant. Its also our favourite form of social media. Mildly addictive, we can often spend  hours scrolling through gorgeous images for inspiration and get caught lusting over the latest trends from other industry influencers – there’s a whole world of pretty out there!

At Leafy couture we’ve spent many years honing our Instagram craft. We can now say with pride that we are part of the (exclusive!?!) 10k+ follower club and our Instagram feed is going from strength to strength. We are fortunate enough to receive many beautiful professional images but we also relish the opportunity to style our own – and a flat lay is one of our absolute favourite and most effective tools in the Leafy social media arsenal! It may look like we spend hours fiddling with every detail but as a busy creative business its just not viable to faff around endlessly with lighting, pro cameras, backgrounds etc. So with this in mind we decided to offer a course to show students hints and tips of how to get those images and make them work with Instagram to really up their social media game.

The images below are from our previous course date. Held at our beautiful (social media friendly) barn at Wharfedale Grange, near Harewood house, we were pleased to welcome students from many creative businesses for a day of creating and learning about all things Instagram and flat lay. Sarah was on hand to lead the day and gave the students many hints and tips of what the Leafy social media mantra contains! As you’ll see from the images it was a great day.  The students had access to a multitude of props and flowers and the sun even made an appearance!

If you’d like to join us on our next course date please click here, where full information on the day and how to book can be found. Otherwise enjoy the gorgeous images provided by








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