Our Big Fat Flower Ball Wedding

One of our biggest weddings…..I had sleepless nights but the bride wanted 5ft flower balls hanging from the ceiling… so thats what we did!

Over 1000 roses, 1000 carnations and over 600 David Austin roses were used in the making of this wedding.

Here are some of the before pics and the lead up to the wedding. The pavilion at Harewood was the location, a vast blank canvas that can hold up to 500 seated.

Now the leafy girls are a talented bunch at the best of times but this put our logistic/mathematical skills to the test…we even had to weigh flowers to work out how heavy the large balls would be, you can’t mess with safety and a 5ft flower ball it turns out is actually quite heavy, almost the weight of an actual person.

Working with the amazing Becks from venue styling company Grace and Tailor (link) the pavillion at Harewood was trasformed in to an opulent and romanic scene, the air filled with the heady scent of the roses. The chairs were dressed by our friends Ambience venue styling Leeds ( link)

The church was decorated with rose pomander pew ends, pedestals and a heart on the door.

We also gave some special attention to the tree outside and dressed it with lanterns, hanging votives and crystal trails.

The full wedding can be seen on Ryan’s website
We were over the moon with the results an got a lovely call from the mother of the bride to say she was too…job done!

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