Spring wedding bouquet video tutorial Leafy Couture

Hello lovelies, here is our first wedding bouquet video tutorial, we love sharing and we love flowers so here is how to make a beautiful spring wedding bouquet in that just picked style that everyone is loving right now! It is part of our new Flower School and Mentoring programme for Florists with the first class taking place next month. I have attached some images of the flowers that we used to create the bouquet.

Spring flower bridal bouquet  part 1 (!) and spring flower bridal bouquet ( part 2!)

Please check back here on the blog as we are going to be doing it weekly and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or if you have anything you especially want see then please get in touch? We thought video tutorials was a great way to go as not everyone is able to attend our classes at the flower school. You can then enjoy the tutorials in your own home or workshop and pause and rewind as you learn. If you are a business and would like to feature on our blog or submit a film we would love you to get in touch, the more inspiration for our viewers the better.

We chose some of our favourite blooms for this bouquet the spring is such a pretty time, please let us know your thoughts for our first film and we shall keep improving week by week! We learned lots doing this one ( like the fact the films need to be less than 10 mins to be uploaded in one go… ! )

We have had a huge response already so if you want to learn more about how to have a successful wedding business, get to create huge beautiful displays you may not have done yet and boost your income with you new knowledge, get in touch 0797 4089122.


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