Where to begin with wedding flowers..

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Its been a while since I have written a post like this..but for all you recently engaged folk huge congratulations…this is how we do it….!

Start with you two… what do you want out of YOUR day? The feel, the venue, the people…all this is key to how we style and dress your special day but it has to be a reflection of you.

Flowers and styling set the tone, they set the scent, they add to the feeling and drama of your day. This is where we ( the experts!) come in…

At your initial appointment we shall sit with you and talk through whats important to you, whether a favourite flower, colour or special feature of your venue is the starting point, we want to help create a day about you both. Its often a good idea to come together to the first appointment, you don’t need to bring your whole bridal party as it can often confuse what you actually want.

As creatives we can work to any budget that we are presented with, its recommended that you have a good think about what you want to allocate before you come and see us.  We want to give you the best you can for your budget, we want to create the most beautiful of days regardless. Download our bridepack from the website to give you a true idea of what you may want to invest in making your day truly beautiful.

Come armed with ideas or none at all we shall help you. From Pinterest queens to a precious scrap of ribbon the exact colour we have seen it all and thrive on the next bespoke challenge. We have a huge workshop full of vases and urns fit for any occasion so can help you visualise your day. We will show you our vast portfolio to assure and advise you what will work for your day.

As an industry the wedding industry is growing and changing all the time, it can be over-whelming as there is so much to see… stick to what you know and that is you two, look to aspects of your life and what inspires you, what makes you happy and what drew you together as a couple in the first place.

Flowers are fabulous at creating a gorgeous, scented feel to your day, we know what works and what doesn’t having been doing this for a good while now! Seasonal, sumptuous flowers are our passion with abundant roses thrown in, if you want passionate suppliers for your wedding we are the girls for you. We live breathe and drink weddings, we look forward to hearing from you x

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